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Journal of Biomolecules and Biochemistry

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Microbes in agriculture, industry and environment

Author(s): Baljeet singh saharan

 Microorganisms are present everywhere except fire. They are useful as well as harmful. They are responsible for the synthesis and production of many useful bio molecules. On the other hand, they degrade and deteriorate many useful products. The microbes are very useful in industry like bacteriocins and bio surfactant production etc. They are equally important in agriculture for example plant growth promoting (Rhizospheric as well as phyllospheric) bacteria exhibit many properties (biological nitrogen fixation, ACC deaminase, antifungal, siderophore, HCN & IAA production etc.), which help plant directly (nutrient supply) or indirectly (disease control). Microbes help in bioremediation (Rhizoremediation)  and keep the environment clean. All the useful aspects of microbes especially bacteria for industry, agriculture and environment will be discussed in detail during the presentation.