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Journal of Clinical Genetics and Genomics

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Molecular study of the ?-casein gene in water buffalo population of North-West of Iran

Author(s): Masoumeh Firouzamandi*

Milk protein comprises 80% Caseins (CN) and 20% whey proteins. Caseins genes in buffalo include the major protein component and encoded by CSN1S1, CSN1S2, CSN2, and CSN3 closely linked genes. In the current study, thirty meat samples were collected from water buffaloes of North-west of Iran (Azeri breed), slaughtered in Tabriz slaughterhouse. Amplification of exon seven of the β-casein gene (CNS27) and proximal promoter region of the β-casein gene (CNS2PP) was ran using specific primers and a 510 bp and a 382 bp obtained respectively for CNS27, and CNS2PP. PCR-SSCP analysis of buffalo β-casein exon seven showed polymorphism and revealed two types of SSCP patterns. Furthermore, PCR-SSCP analysis of the proximal promoter region showed the monomorphic in all of the studied samples. Genetic variation in the casein loci has studied extensively in bovine due to their inherent effect on milk composition and cheese-making properties and milk yield. However, buffalo milk has many benefit to bovine, its β-casein gene has remained mostly ignored. This is the first report of genetic variability of the exon seven and the proximal promoter region of β-casein gene in Iranian water buffalo (Azeri breed).


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