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Surgery: Case Report

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Multiple stage tissue expansion for reconstruction of scalp nevocellular nevus in pediatric age group: A case report

Author(s): Abdulrahman Al-Bassam, Hiba Al-Burshaid*, Reem Al-Jehani and Hussein Fadaak

OBJECTIVE: To present a rare case of giant congenital nevocellular nevus ina 7-year-old girl scalp and to highlight our management steps and outcomes.

CASE REPRESENTATION: An otherwise healthy 7-year-old girl presentedto plastic surgery clinic with agiant congenital nevus (GCN) that coveredalmost her entire scalp that was treated successfully with tissue expanderthree times over a period of 14 months. A total of 38 cm width of skin,which comprised 78% of the patient  scalp, was removed. The patient wasreassessed five years later with a great cosmetic outcome represented by a remarkable hair growth and near normal scalp appearance.

CONCLUSION: We concluded that giant scalp nevocellular nevi in pediatric age group could be treated completely with tissue expanders more than twice to achieve near normal outcomes.

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