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Journal of Nanoscience and Nanomedicine

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Nanorobot’s environmental and health risks: A preliminary assessment

Author(s): Stephen Ford*

During the last decade, nanorobots for biomedical applications have undergone intensive study and rapid development, to the point where they can currently carry cargos to specific areas in organisms under laboratory settings. Despite this advancement, studies on nanorobot dangers and talks regarding prospective nanorobot regulation have been limited thus far. This preliminary assessment of nanorobot dangers begins with a quick summary of the present status of the technology. Helixes, nanorods, and DNA nanorobots are the three primary forms of nanorobots described in the overview. Each of these categories has several distinct designs. Second, early warning signs of possible dangers are examined and addressed. Two possible dangers are highlighted: (i) the use of hazardous materials and UV light in nanorobots, and (ii) the loss of control over propulsion and aiming. Third, present rules are examined in relation to nanorobots. Current medical device rules are plainly unsuitable for nanorobots, and it's even unclear whether specific restrictions would apply. To get the most out of nanorobots, we advocate conducting wide, risk-related research as well as discussions with stakeholders and the general public regarding the definition, purpose, and controllability of nanorobot applications.

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