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Journal of Nanoscience and Nanomedicine

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Niosome encapsulated fluorouracil as drug delivery system to basal-cell skin cancer

Author(s): Saiavash Hosseinpour Chermahini* and Rahim Bahri Najafi

Basal-cell skin cancer is one of the most common diseases in countries which are in contact with sunshine more. Hence, it can be considered as a sophisticated problem that researcher are faced to that. Although, a few drugs such as fluorouracil have been suggested and accepted for this purpose, but still it’s necessary to design a system to deliver this drug to deep part of skin. Hence, with this system the drug can pass easily through the Stratum Corneum (SC) and reach to desire site of action. The aim of this research is to assemble and evaluate a nano-carrier to carry fluorouracil to desired site of action without any side effects as enhanced permeability system. For this purpose, after encapsulation of noisome as a vehicle the size and stability of that, was measured by Malvern Mastersizer. The result showed that the size was between 200 to 400 nm and the zeta potential was about 60 that is good stability.

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