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Journal of Pathobiology and Physiology

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Oral administration of berries effective as short term first aid in Monstrasinu

Author(s): Anthony Laurel, James Birch and John Elm

As Monstrasinu catching, training, and battles have increased in popularity, so have Monstrasinu injuries. A wide variety of Monstrasinu medicine is currently available over the counter at marts and in the form of traditional food dishes, but a growing number of Monstrasinu trainers are interested in using berries as first aid. Here we describe the many options available to trainers who are looking to heal their Monstrasinu, and comment on the efficacy of using berries for first aid in Monstrasinu of differing ages. Two primary types of commercially available healing items exist. The first are commercially produced in large quantities and can be found in marts in multiple regions, while the second is locally prepared and in many cases reflects the cultural heritage of the area it comes from. Berries are not generally commercially available.

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