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Journal of Nanoscience and Nanomedicine

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Rheology of Nanofluid Behavior During Convection in Pipe

Author(s): Jenny Griffith*

The behaviour of several variables on nanofluid flow is discussed, along with a simulation of nanofluid flow in a pipe. Al2O3-water was simulated as a nanofluid with an Al2O3 volume fraction ranging from 2% to 8%. Viscosity, temperature difference on wall, Reynolds number, thermal conductivity, and pipe temperature are all calculated for the simulation using the single phase approach. The finite difference method is used in the MATLAB code to solve the pipe flow problem. Finally, a simulationbased conclusion is reached and reports on how the temperature of the nanofluid flow altered with its axial and radial directions. Based on the current simulation, it is possible to explain how changes in thermal conductivity, temperature differential on the wall, Reynolds number, and the viscosity of the nanofluid with pipe length. Additionally, the radius of the pipe, the exterior temperature of the wall, the Reynolds number, and turbulent flow have an impact on the heat transfer through the pipe.

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