Journal of Modern and Applied Physics

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Supercomplex network of bistable coiled vortex filaments and ribbons in laser-matter interactions

Author(s): Stjepan Lugomer and Yasuhide Fukumoto*

We study variation of patterns formed by multi-pulse laser-matter interactions when the number N of pulses is increased. Variation of N causes formation of vortex filament bundles, thick filaments, ribbons, and tubular-ribbons. Their straight and the angular bistable coiling are caused by a double-valley twisting potential emerging from the Landau-Ginzburg twisting potential. In addition, such a coiling undergoes a conformational change brought by propagation of a Davidov’s-like soliton. These structures called “complexes” become interconnected into a network on a 2D lattice. Further increase of N induces a 3D supercomplex network. For N greater than a certain critical value, the organizational pattern breaks down into simpler structures.

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