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Nanotechnology Letters

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The Physical and Chemical Properties of Rhenium. Chile a Case of Study

Author(s): Roberto Acevedo

 This study has been thought to contribute to the understanding of one of the chemical element, known as Rhenium (Z=75), which is extracted from the mining industry in the Republic of Chile. It is well known and recognized that Chile has the largest and most important reserves of Rhenium. There is a rather limited and scarce material about this metallic resource, therefore we have focused to advance the state of the art in this kind of physical and chemical properties of this chemical element and the most important compounds where this element is present. We have focused our attention upon the basic and applied knowledge needed to produce and export this material, which is indeed extremely interesting for an open market around the world. Based upon the assumption the premise that Rhenium exists when it replaces, in an ionic way, the molybdenum atoms in molybdenite, the following writing has two sections relatively polarized among themselves. These two sections have been summarized in a number of topics such as, analysis of the various compounds where this chemical element is relevant, specific compilations related to the Rhenium in nature, the market and others (with a vision of the national field as appropriate). Additionally, in the final part of this writing, we have included two appendices so as to complement the many concepts and fundamentals which are treated thoroughly and very carefully indeed as well as several examples of other compounds studied in parallel to the realization of this research work.

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