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Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

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The views and knowledge of parents of children with autism spectrum disorder

Author(s): Hilda Aboagyewaa Agyekum*

Studies so far look at the causes and cure for autism, however, little work has been done on the challenges parents of these children face in their upbringing. This study brought out the challenges that parents with autistic children face as well as the coping mechanisms these parents adopt in their quest to cater for their children. Semi-structured interviews were used as a form of data collection. Prominent themes the study highlights is the challenges of parents, which was associated with the inability of the parents to have meaningful conversations with their children, the financial burden of taking care of them, stigmatization of their autistic children as well as themselves, and the demandingness of the autistic children. With these problems, parents in the study adapted to their situation by accepting the situation of their wards, depending on God for strength, receiving support and encouragement from some family members and friends, joining support groups, as well as taking leave from work to help their children seek proper medical care.

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