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Surgery: Case Report

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Traumatic adrenal haemorrhage secondary to blunt injury

Author(s): Cheah Wai Hun*

Adrenal gland injury secondary to blunt abdominal trauma is relatively uncommon. The estimated incidence rate of the injury is approximately 2–3%. The non-specific clinical manifestations and lack of specific biochemical markers make its diagnosis difficult. Contrast-enhanced CT remains the gold standard for detecting this injury and its associated complications. Patient with bilateral adrenal injury should be carefully monitored as they are prone to develop life-threatening adrenal insufficiency and its complications. Majority of these patients are managed conservatively and surgery is only required in cases of active bleeding. However follow-up is required to ensure complete resolution of the haemorrhage and to rule out a true adrenal mass. We report a case of unilateral adrenal haemorrhage secondary to motor vehicle accident.

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