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Journal of Biomolecules and Biochemistry

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Utilization of analytical chemistry in crime investigation

Author(s): Anupreet Kaur,* and Swati Pathak

Due to advancement in the molecular science development, the utilization of analytical chemistry is becoming important in crime investigation. Involvement of evidence characterization in the forensic investigations is important for reconstruction of events chronology that is further associated with the commission of crime. By knowing chronology of crime events the probability of resolving the legal matter increases that further associated with accurate findings. For the detection as well as discrimination of evidence, various analytical tools and methods are being employed. Basically forensic science deals with the application of analytical chemistry in the discovery of evidence thereby we can say that utilization of analytical tools and techniques are quite relevant to investigate crime to successful extent or to resolve crime related disputes. This chapter clearly focuses on the utilization of analytical chemistry in the investigation of crime.

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