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  • Perspective   
    Antarctic vascular plants' rhizosphere microbial sources and acquisition
    Author(s): Chris Abani*

    Microbial populations in the rhizosphere play important roles in soil fertility, nutrient cycling, and plant health. Despite the crucial roles these bacteria play, it is unclear how the rhizosphere was created and acquired. Deschampsia Antarctica (Da) and Colobanthus quitensis (Cq), the only two native Antarctic plants, served as models for our investigation into the diversity of microbial communities and probable sources. At six locations in the Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island, Antarctica, we examined the rhizosphere and bulk soil microbiomes, looking at both specific plant species and their associations (Da.Cq). Our findings indicate that the richness and diversity of bacterial communities in the rhizosphere were impacted by host plant species. When compared to Cq and Da.Cq rhizospheres, the Da rhizosphere displayed the least amount of bacterial variety and richness. The rhizosph.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.37532/puljem.22.4 (5).1-2