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  • Opinion   
    Microbiome structure in coral colonies and sedimentation gradients
    Author(s): Ines Abassi*

    Reef-building Corals interact intricately with a variety of microorganisms, including bacteria and symbiotic algae from the Symbiodiniaceae family. The context of the environment has varied degrees of influence on these coral-associated communities. By changing the amount of light available to symbiotic algae, inducing the coral's stress response, or acting as a reservoir for both harmful and necessary bacterial and algal symbionts, sedimentation can shape a coral's microbial community. We used 16S rDNA and ITS-2 amplicon sequencing to characterise the bacterial and algal communities linked to the massive scleractinian coral Porites lobata across pairs of sites along a naturally occurring sedimentation gradient in Fouha Bay, southern Guam, in order to investigate the impact of sedimentation on a coral's microbiome. By taking samples from the perimeter and core of colonies .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.37532/puljem.22.4 (5).1-2