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Immunology & Microbiology Journals

Presence of ‘microbes’ that are both helpful and harmful form an inevitable part of the life on the earth. While the gut microbes present in the intestine help promoting a healthy digestive cycle, innumerable millions and trillions of microbes in the water, air, moisture and atmosphere may cause diseases. The universe interestingly offers an inbuilt immune mechanism for the plants, animals and human to resist the activities of these microbes that may be harmful to our metabolic, activities.

Immune system evolves constantly to meet the new and emerging threats that our body encounters due to the contamination of food air and water. Immune reactions are instant, and reciprocal with a recovery mechanism to repair the damages caused due to any virus attack. Immune system immediately delivers antibodies to fight these attacks that may threaten our respiratory, digestive and neural systems. Microbiology and Immunology thus go hand in glove so that the clinical investigations to fight microbes are generally targeted to strengthen our immune system.