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International Journal of HIV and AIDS Research

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International Journal of HIV and AIDS Research

International Journal of HIV and AIDS Research  is an interdisciplinary journal that aims to address the social, economic, and medical aspects of HIV/AIDS infection from the inception of virus transmission through therapy, cure, awareness and advancements in the medical technologies for the effective management of HIVAIDS.

The journal thus focuses on a vast spectrum of topics that address the clinical and medical aspects of the disease by including studies on the Infectious Diseases, Immune deficiencies, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), Gynecology, Clinical virology, Epidemiology, Molecular biology, and Immunology. Apart from focusing on the research that finds ways and means to fight the disease, the journal pays attention on the social stigma attached with the disease by focusing on studies related to HIV Medicine, HIV Drug therapies, Behavioral sciences, Social sciences & Humanities, AIDS Education & Prevention, mFamily Medicine, Translational Science, etc.

Contributors are welcome to publish high quality clinical, and laboratory research as case series, reviews, guidelines, techniques, and practices. Manuscripts that mitigate social stigma, and offers emotional support to the patients to be able to live with the disease are solicited. The journal solicits manuscripts that discuss technical and medical advancements like   Computational neuroscience, Neuropathology, Telemedicine, Behavioral sciences, Educational, health and medical psychology and psychiatry to address the issues and challenges in this field.

Author (s) may submit their manuscripts through the journal's online submission and tracking system which is located at https://www.pulsus.com/submissions/international-hiv-aids-research.html or as an e-mail attachment at [email protected]


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