Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and Neuroscience

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  • Dr. Ira Bedzow
    Director of the Biomedical Ethics and Humanities Program, New York Medical College, USA
  • Dr. Govindaiah Vinukonda
    Department of Pediatrics and Cell Biology & Anatomy at New York Medical College, Valhalla, New York, USA
  • Dr. Rama Reddy Karri
    Director and Consultant Psychiatrist, Manasa Hospital, Rajamahendravaram, India
  • Prof. Yoshiaki Kikuchi
    Professor, Graduate School of Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan.
  • Dr. Giuseppe Lanza
    Consultant Neurologist and Clinical Researcher, Department of Neurology I.C. of the "Oasi" Institute for Research on Mental Retardation and Brain Aging (I.R.C.C.S.) in Troina, Italy
  • Dr. Mariagiovanna Cantone
    Consultant Neurologist and Clinical Researcher, Sleep Research Center, Department of Neurology I.C., Oasi Institute (I.R.C.C.S.), Troina, Italy
  • Prof. Giuseppe Scalabrino
    Full Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences of Health, University of Milan, Italy
  • Dr. Francesca Biagioni
    PhD Researcher, IRCCS INM Neuromed, Neurobiology of Movement Disorders, Loc. Camerelle, Pozzilli (IS), Italy
  • Dr. Bianca Marchetti
    Full Professor of Pharmacology, Department of Biomedical and Biotechnological Sciences (BIOMETEC), Pharmacology Section, University of Catania, Italy
  • Dr. Sergey L. Leonchuk
    Psychiatrist, Head of the 5th Department, Chief Researcher, The State-financed Institution, Kurgan Regional Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Kurgan city, Russia
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