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Angiography or arteriography is a prosperity imaging system used to imagine inside, or lumen, of veins and tissues of the body, with express energy for the channels, veins, and the heart chambers. This is commonly done by vaccinating a radio-dinky qualification authority into the vein and imaging using X-bar based methods, for instance, fluoroscopy.

The word itself starts from the Greek words á¼€γγεá¿–ον angeion, "vessel", and graphein, "to communicate" or "record". The film or image of the veins is called an angiography, or even more commonly an angiogram. Regardless of the way that the word can check both an arteriogram and a venogram, in typical practice the terms angiogram and arteriogram are once in a while used comparably, while the term venography is used even more totally. Dependent upon the sort of angiogram, access to the veins is expanded most consistently through the femoral flexibly course, to look at the left 50% of the heart and at the vein structure; or the jugular or femoral vein, to look at the right half of the heart and at the venous system. Using a plan of guide wires and catheters, a sort of separation pro (which shows up by immersing the X-bars), is added to the blood to make it clear on the X-pillar pictures.

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