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Syncope is the most widely recognized type of Transient Loss of Consciousness (TLOC). By definition syncope has quick beginning, total loss of awareness and postural tone. It is of brief term and is related with rapid and complete recuperation. Its motivation is cerebral hypoperfusion, itself as a rule happening when the circulatory strain is exceptionally low. TLOC incorporates different conditions, for example, epilepsy, which won't be the subject of this correspondence. Diary of Medical Diagnostic Methods is one of the top web based publication journals for research from the field of Syncope. The articles distributed in this academic journal are audited by in any event two commentators of the related fields. The journal distributes unique exploration articles, audits, case reports, short correspondences, and so on and accentuates hypothetical and test work. To guarantee top notch articles, the editors and commentators effectively participate in the peer review procedure and help in finishing the survey procedure within 21 days. As a significant instructive stage the journal gives researchers and specialists access to the most up to date patterns and exploration viewpoints.

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