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Psychiatry and Mental Health Research

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Post-divorce effect on children & parents in Egypt

Joint Event on 4th World Congress on Psychiatry & Mental health Nursing & 2nd Global Experts Meeting on Psychiatry and Mental Health

June 17-18, 2019 | Rome, Italy

Nancy Labib

Integrative Psychiatry Clinic, Egypt

Keynote: J Psych and Mental Health Research

Abstract :

Two and a half years ago, was the beginning of Integrative Psychiatry Clinic our working place, with an eminent team.

We started by agreeing on team working with a plan to provide a new mental health service to our community. It’s about working through family dynamics and family members, to elaborate, we started classifying the files we have, that is where we discovered that the post-divorce children created 40 % of our work.

We designed a program of our own, one individual session for each parent (whether face to face or online), to learn about the parent’s dynamic. Although working with children (coming from divorced families) was challenging, we started achieving results with them, gaining trust of parents, through our results, combined with connection as team members (sharing mutual updates in documents & peer discussion to reach best results).

Parents in co-parenting, started engaging themselves in personal therapy & development, then in couple counselling eventually finding the right partner (which was in some cases the old partner after a selfdiscovery journey).

Biography :

Nancy Labib has her passion in the science of psychiatry &psychotherapy, started June 2006, when she started working as a resident of Neuropsychiatry in MUST university, to acquiring master’s degree from Ain Shams university in Egypt. She then studied psychotherapy at Malachite institute. She is leading mental health team at Revive medical center from 2015-2017.

E-mail: [email protected]

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