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Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

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Academic stress and coping mechanism among students: An Indian perspective

Author(s): Yashwant Kumar Nagle* and Usha Sharma

The current study aimed to provide insight into the role of academic stress among young adults, their emotional adjustment and coping mechanism. Over a period of time, academic stress among students has increased drastically due to parental expectation and competitive environment among students. This has resulted in having harmful effect to the individual, parents, society and nation at large. Numerous studies have stated that alarming number of students are not able to cope due to heavy syllabus, parents’ expectation and cut throat competition among students leading them to mental health issues like depression, anxiety and suicide. These facts require immediate attention; hence, awareness among students, parents and teachers should be created so that preventive measures can be taken to create a friendly and, healthy environment. In order to overcome such issues the counselors and health professionals must take initiative to create awareness among the parents and teachers about their role in fostering a healthy environment. Thus, to save youth from such vulnerable behaviors they should be directed towards creative and constructive activities to enhance their capabilities, interests, aptitudes and encourage them to achieve their goals.

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