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Journal of Food and Drug Research

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An Easy Understanding of Novel Herbal Cosmetic Approaches

Author(s): M.S. Ashawat

A trouble free and mind friendly education is the foremost requirement of contemporary society in the world. Traditionally, in a class room teaching didactic learning is used, where the teachers delivered speech and students busy to write down words to words or either listen in burdensome manner not to a euphoric manner. Usually teacher usage blackboard or green board to put emphasizes the topic which is to be taught and students noted down for their future reference. By considering need of students for easy learning in modern era different modes for teaching are being used like; Technology-driven classrooms, Continuous comprehensive evaluation, Cross-curricular connections, Inquiry-based learning, Differential learning, Activity-based learning and learning labs, Interdisciplinary learning, Integrative and social responsibility and civic engagement, Digitization in teaching, learning assessment and feedback, Collaborative learning, Differentiated instruction, Cartoons and Illustration based. The word "Cartoon" is used in comics and in news papers for product development to attract the users. As we know that coming generation is electronic generation, so those are very prone to read out comics based literature and technologically faster as compared to earlier. Comics provide narrative opportunities for students who just start reading, and for students who learn a new language Students follow the beginnings and end of the comic, the plot, the characters, the time and the place, sequencing without needing sophisticated word decoding abilities. Images help the text and offer important contextual clues to word sense. Comics serve as a scaffold for comprehension of the students. Many students read fluently, but find it difficult to write. They lament that they don't know what to write. They have ideas, but they lack the written language skills to create a beginning, pursue a sequence of ideas and then draw their writing to a logical conclusion. So for easy understanding of technical syllabi, teachers may use comics in well manner.