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Journal of Environmental Geology

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Assessment of Radon Gas Concentration at Ayoon Al-Hammam, Alkora-Jordan Water Purification Plant

Author(s): Islam Abd-Alhadi Salem Khraisat*, Barakat Al-Bataina and Sameh Gharaibeh

The 222Rn measurements were conducted using passive diffusion radon dosimeter containing CR-39 detectors from the extraction wells until it reached the consumer. The results showed that the average radon gas concentrations from all wells was (3.2 Bq/l ±0.3 Bq/l), while the average radon gas concentrations for the three pump stations was (3.1 Bq/l ±0.1 Bq/l), and the average for tap water was (2.0 l Bq/l ±0.1 Bq/l). All the obtained  results were below the maximum allowed concentration level  prescribed by US- Environmental Protection Agency (11.1Bq/l). The total annual effective dose for all water samples varies from (0.01mSV/y) to (0.08 mSv/y), which is less than the maximum contaminant level (0.1 mSv/y). Hence, the groundwater in the study area does not pose health risks to consumers because the health risk factor for having lung cancer was estimated to be (0.005 %) However, the 222Rn concentrations can be significantly improved, if the plant includes an aeration unit.

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