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Journal of Pulmonology

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Bedbugs: the new killers of the lungs, here are the causes and precautions

Author(s): Esdras Tsongo*, Paulin Mbondeka Martin, Christian Mathéo, Mbukala Christian, Matuta Danielle, Rebecca Doment, César Lather Mc and Paulin Ndagifitimana

When we sleep, many of the mites feed on dead skin cells and sweat especially bedbugs. However, these small animals of 5 millimeters cause great health problems including: allergies and asthma. In fact, apart from these mentioned diseases, they cause other problems on the human lung. During the night, bedbugs disturb the sleepers; they feed on the blood by pricking the skin. And this sting usually leaves red and sometimes indolent traces.

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