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Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and Neuroscience

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Characteristics of patients of psychogeriatrics treble unit

Author(s): Montserrat Perelló Alonso*

INTRODUCTION: Mental diseases are prevalent in the general population. When we focus it on people older than 65 years, are added factors such as chronic diseases, functional decline and social isolation.

METHOD: A retrospective descriptive study of the patients admitted to the Acute Psychogeriatric Unit of the Sagrat Cor de Martorell Hospital for one year with the aim of identifying the most frequent pathologies.

RESULTS: Data were collected from 161 patients, with a mean age of 76 years, 64.5% being women and some level of dependence. The 82.7% were diagnosed with any chronic disease and 27% consumed some toxic (alcohol or tobacco). There is a high prevalence of mental illness prior to hospital admission.

CONCLUSION: Women with pluripathology, dependence for basic activities of daily living and mental illness have a higher risk of admission to a unit of psychogeriatrics. The fragility presented by the elderly at the bio-psycho-social level requires an extra hospital follow-up that guarantees their stability and prevents re-admissions hospitalary.

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