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Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and Neuroscience

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Cognitive decline among patients attending geriatric clinic in a tertiary care center

Author(s): N.Abhishek,H Chandrashekar, Shivappa Madhusudhan, Ramamurthy Anjana




AIM: 1) To screen for cognitive impairment among patients attending geriatric clinic.

2)To assess the socio demographic factors responsible for cognitive impairment among these patients.

3)To find the correlation between HMSE, EASI and HIS

BACKGROUND: Cognitive impairment among geriatric patients has a more complex etiology. It causes a significant burden to the patients and family by increasing the dependency level. Hence, the current study was done to screen the patients attending geriatric clinic in a tertiary care center, Victoria Hospital, Bangalore.

METHODS: A cross sectional study of 100 patients above 60 years of age attending geriatric clinic in a tertiary care center, Bangalore was done from November 2017 till May 2019 by collecting data in a structured proforma. Cognitive function was screened using Hindi Mental Status Examination, Everyday Ability Scale for India and Huchinski Ischemic Score. All the data obtained were entered in to SPSS 24th statistical analysis method and results obtained were compared, discussed with previous studies, then final conclusions were drawn.

RESULTS: Among the 100 patients screened, there were more females (57%) than males (43%), most of the people were from urban areas (59%) than rural (41%).Majority of the patients (47%) were under the age group of 65-75 years. 82% of the patients were Hindus,14% were Muslims,3% of the patients were from Christian religion.55% of the patients did less than 7 years of schooling and 41% of them were unemployed.

Mean age of the sample was 67.67(SD 4.55).

Among the medical co morbidities,68% of the patients were having Hypertension and 39% of them were having Diabetes mellitus.

Cognitive impairment was noticed in 17%(mean =4.82, SD=4.55) of the geriatric patients.

CONCLUSION: The current study found out that 17% of the people attending geriatric clinic has cognitive impairment. Hence, regular screening for cognitive dysfunction needs to be done at geriatric clinic in a tertiary care center.




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