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Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and Neuroscience

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Could verbal fluency predict the response or remission to antidepressants in geriatric depression? Rationale and protocol of the predict age study

Author(s): Caroline Masse, Djamila Bennabi, Julie Giustiniani, Juliana Teti Mayer, Emmanuel Haffen, Pierre Vandel, Gilles Chopard

Aims: Geriatric depression is a heterogeneous disorder that is characterized by altered emotional and language processing, due to deficits in frontal lobe functioning. Verbal fluency (VF) is associated with dorsolateral prefrontal cortex functioning and related to executive processes, semantic memory, speed of information processing, and initiation. A few studies suggested that VF score may predict antidepressant response or remission, but the results are limited, especially in geriatric population. The PREDICT age project is an exploratory pilot study that aims to determinate if VF score may be a potential predictive factor of response or remission in geriatric depression. Methods: Forty-two patients of 60 years of age and older, with a diagnostic of unipolar depression, will receive an antidepressant medication, undergo neuropsychological battery and will be followed-up during ten weeks. Results: Primary outcome measure will be the capacity of the VF score to predict response or remission to antidepressant. The secondary aim will be to determinate whether other factors (depression severity, age of onset of depression, number of previous episodes, inflammatory level, and other cognitive abilities) could be potential predictive factors of response or remission to antidepressants.



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