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Journal of Modern and Applied Physics

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Enhanced comprehension of the quantum mechanical hidden variables

Author(s): Spiros Koutandos*

We investigate the repercussions of the hypothesis that the volume is altering because of a mass-induced curvature in spacetime. The various thermodynamic quantities take on a local character as a result of the representation of the electron's dipolar nature. In this article, extensive research is continued, and fresh findings are made, further hidden-variable theories in physics propose to explain quantum mechanical events by introducing imaginary (and sometimes unobservable) entities. The mathematical formulation of quantum mechanics makes the assumption that some measurements are fundamentally indeterminate; additionally, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle allows for the quantification of the constraints on indeterminacy. The majority of hidden-variable theories aim to avoid quantum indeterminacy, albeit this may need require the existence of nonslocal interactions.

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