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Journal of Food and Drug Research

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Evaluation of Bread Wheat (TritiumaestiumL.) Genotypes for Yield Potential and Related Traits under High Temperature Stress Condition at Middle Awash, Ethiopia

Author(s): Tadiyos Bayisa

 Information on the extent and performance of genotypes present in a crop species under high temperature stress condition are essential for effective crop adaptation program. To generate such information 36 bread wheat genotypes with three released varieties (Fentalle, Amibara and Werer-2) were tested in Triple Lattice Design with three replication at Werer agricultural research center, Afar in 2017. The objective of the study were to develop bread wheat genotypes that adapted to middle Awash area and to identify best performed bread wheat genotypes for yield under high temperature stress condition. The data generated from the experiment were subjected to analysis of variance. The analysis of variances of bread wheat genotypes evaluated for 15 traits revealed highly significant difference between the genotypes for most traits and significant difference among genotypes for days to emergence. It was interesting to note that genotypes identified for short grain filling period and early maturing were G-4, G-18, G-3, G-26 and G-15 with maturity days of 70, 76, 77, 77 and 79 days after sowing respectively, than the released check variety Werer-2 (84 days). Similarly genotypes G-16, G-22, G-28, G-32 and G-34 had better required low canopy temperature reading than released check varieties Fentalle, Amibaraand Werer-2. The most important genotypes for showing excellent performance on grain yield per hectare under high temperature obtained from G-2, G-7 and G-21 with grain yield of 2479 kh/ha, 3039 kg/ha and 2409 kg/ha respectively, than the best performed released check variety Werer-2 (2362 kilo gram per hectare). Hence, from the current results it has been observed adequate existence of genotypes showing adaptability and good performance on grain yield in the studied area and this could be exploited in future bread wheat selection and breeding for high temperature stress condition