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Journal of Food and Drug Research

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“Fuco-Bar” – A Product that Improves an Athlete’s Performance

Author(s): Martina Bluhm E.K.Mukhamejanov, A.K.Kulnazarov, A.A.Mikhailov and V.P.Popov

High - quality sport is associated with the maximum inclusion of all physiological systems, all types of metabolism. Therefore, there is a high risk of developing disorders of the cardiac, respiratory, thermoregulatory and hormonal systems [1]. The development of oxidative stress, the fall of the energy sources and the accumulation of harmful metabolites are noted [2], therefore, the urgent question is the development of health-saving technologies in which the nutritional factor plays a key role. An athlete needs much more constructing (protein), energetic (carbohydrates and fats) and regulatory (vitamins and minerals) materials. It creates a problem to chew and absorb a large amount of food and athletes are at high risk of developing gastrointestinal tract disorders Therefore, there are many specialized products or functional nutrition products that appeared to provide the body with the easily digestible macro and micronutrients. Considering the fact that the nutrition of a modern person is mainly unbalanced, then for athletes who require more irreplaceable nutritional factors (INF), this issue is especially relevant. Therefore, a lot of drugs have appeared that help improve the body's supply of INF. The Moscow company ProtenPharma has developed a specialized food product (Balance), which improves nutritional status of an athlete, since it contains an easily digestible protein (soy protein hydrolyzate), the most important anabolic amino acid leucine and a vitamin premix. It has been tested on athletes from the Russian Federation (RF) and has been approved for use by RF athletes. However, it is important not only to obtain INFs, but also that they are effectively used by the body itself.