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Journal of Food and Drug Research

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Past conference report of 5th International conference on Food science and Healthcare Nutrition, Ozlem Tokusoglu, Manisa Celal Bayar University,Turkey

Author(s): Ozlem Tokusoglu

The webinar 5th International conference on Food science and Healthcare Nutrition has been completed on July 13, 2020 through Virtual/webinar in the theme of “Advanced innovation and awareness under food science & nutrition”. The food science 2020 have conducted through various innovative sessions such as Food science and technology Food chemistry and Microbiology Food Nutrition and Dietary supplement Food Fraud and quality Food and Dairy Technology Healthcare and Nutrition Food safety and defence Functional Food and Food innovation Medical Foods and Nutraceuticals Pregnancy and Pre pregnancy nutrition Food addiction and eating disorder Agriculture and plant science Food and Beverages Diet and Nutrients Prebiotics and Probiotics food Food-borne illness and allergies Clinical Nutrition Foodomics Paediatric and Child Nutrition Sports Nutrition Nutrigenomics Case Studies We will heartily thankful to all speakers, delegates, OCM and moderators who gave their best during the conference.

We would like to extend our honour to the following speakers

• Tadiyos Bayisa
• Nkiru Umeoka
• Lama Alnaeli
• Adela Balderas
• Mercy Bih Achu Loh
• Muhammad Usman
• Paras Sharma
• Nuria Majaliwa
• Carla Alves Barbosa

We will meet again @ Food science 2021