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Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and Neuroscience

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Perspective of man who violent his partner

Author(s): Leticia Casique Casique, Ingrid Bethsabe Arias Gonzalez, Katherine Paulina Granados Lara, Aime Susana Vidal Rivera, Gloria Sarahi Gonzalez Rodriguez, Daniela Berenice Rodriguez Jalpa

Introduction: It is important to mention that the man who violates his partner pretends that this is the one to tolerate his mistreatment, and thus continue his violent relationship; as well as the factors that influence to trigger these violent behaviors such as physical, sexual, psychological and verbal aggressions. In the same way, this research addressed the issues of the characteristics of the violent man, which are decisive. The types of violence of men towards women are described and finally the theme of the perspective of the violent man is developed. Methodology: It was a qualitative study, discourse analysis was carried out, and Grounded Theory was applied; the artisan method was used. Participants were previously informed and they signed the informed consent. Results: There were seven participants, men who were selected from different municipalities in the state of Guanajuato, between 20 and 50 years old, with a basic inclusion criterion of exercising different types of violence against their partner. The research was carried out with the purpose of analyzing the perspective that male aggressors have, that is, to understand what these male aggressors expect from the women who violate, thus, in this way, carry out a timely intervention towards the aggressors, as well as towards women, before such violence reaches a higher level where the integrity of the couple or even life itself is endangered. After the qualitative analysis, two categories were identified which are: • Man's behavioral style through physical, verbal and sexual aggression when having discussions with his partner. •Expectation of submission of the man towards his partner within the relationship of violence. When carrying out the corresponding analysis, the phenomenon was revealed: Vision of Domination/Submission of the Sexist Man against His Partner through Verbal, Physical and Sexual Aggressions. When interpreting the phenomenon, it is revealed that within the Mexican culture it has been established that, within the couple relationship, the role of the man is dominant and the role of the woman of submission; for this reason; for society, the macho man must have a submissive woman by his side; because he would not feel like a man if he does not have a woman by his side who submits to the relationship. Conclusion: The man who violates his partner waits for there to be more trust and communication between them and thus avoid misunderstandings, in turn he wants the woman to see and acknowledge his mistakes, to avoid aggression towards her; the blame for the violence is against her, because she does not understand it and does not accept it with that behavior. In turn, the man aspires and demands a behavior of submission from his partner, since he must understand and accept it with all its defects.