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Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and Neuroscience

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The benefit of neurocognitive training in an ongoing therapeutic program for memory/neuropsychological deficits in children

Author(s): Barbara C Fisher* and Danielle Szokola

This is an ongoing study published earlier this year (Fisher and Szokola, May 2018) addressing therapeutic intervention for memory and executive reasoning deficits in children. There have been a number of re-evaluations sufficient to yield a new data set of pre and post-intervention effects. Children and adolescents are seen two times per week for treatment which consists of cognitive behavioral therapy addressing emotions, social development and social skills as well as the neurocognitive training program. The neurocognitive program consists of over 200 games and activities that are used to create an individualized protocol that is patient specific based upon neuropsychological evaluation, presenting complaint, parent interview and self-report questionnaires. Re-evaluation occurs from six months to one year. Positive results continue to be seen from this therapeutic program provided in an outpatient treatment setting that provides individual therapy and neurocognitive enhancement. Parental feedback is quite positive with regard to improved behavior at home and in school.

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