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Journal of Modern and Applied Physics

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Theoretical study of obliquely propagating whistler mode wave for ring distribution in the magnetosphere

Author(s): George Varughese, Jyoti Kumari, Pandey RS* and Singh KM

Changes in plasma density and magnetic fields have a strong influence on the propagation of very low frequency waves in the Whistler mode. It is suggested that the earth’s magnetic field be called the ‘magnetosphere’ region. Van Allen and others observations show that this area reaches 5 to 10 Earth radii depending on the degree of magnetic interference. In the present paper, whistler mode waves in the magnetosphere of Earth have been investigated. For whistler mode waves, linear properties of ring distribution function are used to derive the dispersion relation. Method of characteristics by the kinetic approach has been used to investigate whistler waves. The present analysis shows that the growth rate of electromagnetic circularly polarized whistler mode wave has been found to be increasing with increasing temperature anisotropy and number density. It has been found that the growth rate decreases with an increase in the angle of propagation. As the electron energy shows significant effect on growth rate. The growth rate increases along with a significant shift in wave number with increasing temperature anisotropy, number density and energy density. The analytical model developed can also be applied to the other planetary magnetospheres for understanding various types of instabilities.

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