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    Research and analysis of electromagnetic monitoring
    Author(s): Rahman Piriyev*

    The article shows the possibility to study the geodynamic processes in two directions simultaneously, with continuous observations of natural electromagnetic fields in the low frequency range by changing the dynamics of geoelectrical sections over time and electromagnetic monitoring of internal processes. This range can be characterized by the existence of linear dependence on the seismic and electromagnetic fields that are generated by the internal processes. On the other hand, magnetoelectric investigations show the geoelectric structure of the Earth at the depth of 10-20 km in terms of studying geodynamic processes in this frequency range, as well as changes in the electromagnetic properties of rocks. The expansion of electromagnetic monitoring research plays an indispensable role in the study of geodynamic processes. The main aim behind the research carried out in this area is to.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2591-7641.1000014