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Journal of Food and Clinical Nutrition

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Effective management and control of the cold chain by application of Time Temperature Indicators (TTIs) in food packaging

Author(s): Fotis Stergiou*

Different temperature conditions can cause food loss and waste and the United Nations are pushing towards the reduction of food waste. One of the greatest problems in the food trade is the effective management of the cold chain, as short-living foodstuffs have to be maintained below 5°C. If the temperature levels are not below 5°C along cold chains food can be spoiled and this in turn can lead to food poisoning. Better temperature control along cold chain can make food safer, but the most effective management of the cold chain can be achieved through establishing control systems, such as intelligent packaging. Such forms include Time Temperature Indicators (TTIs) and the most common type is biological, polymerised, diffusionbased, electrochemical and photochemical. TTIs can have a straightforward application in the industry as scientists developed a model to be massively produced.
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