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Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and Neuroscience

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Individuals think about, influence and relate to one another

Author(s): Fenomanana MS

Social psychology is a branch of psychology concerned with how social influences affect how people think, feel, and act. The way we perceive ourselves in regard to the rest of the earth plays an important role in our choices, behaviors, and beliefs. Conversely, the opinions of others also impact our behavior and also the way we view ourselves. Understanding scientific discipline could also be useful for several reasons. First, we are able to better understand how groups impact our choices and actions. There are some basic aspects of social behavior that play an outsized role in our actions and also the way we see ourselves. Our interactions serve goals or fulfill needs. Some common goals or needs include the necessity for social ties, the necessity to grasp ourselves et al., the wish to attain or maintain status or protection, and also the must attract companions.



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