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Journal of Food and Clinical Nutrition

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Maternal diet and nutrient specifications in pregnancy

Author(s): Maffeis Coleman

The significance of way of life and dietary habits during pregnancy and breastfeeding, for strength of mothers and their baby, is broadly upheld by the latest scientific literature. The utilization of a changed and balanced diet from the preconceptional period is fundamental to guarantee both maternal prosperity and pregnancy results. However, the risk of insufficient intake of micronutrients in pregnancy and lactation is high even in the most industrialized nations. Diet and lifestyle are significant determinants of strength of both mother and baby, beginning from the preconceptional period. Specifically, momentum research highlights that the initial 1000 days of life are critical for the counteraction of adulthood infections and that particular maternal condition during the periconceptional period (especially obesity and extreme weight acquire during pregnancy) are related with high birth weight, obesity and modifications in glucose digestion in children and, later, in grown-ups, with more cardiometabolic risk.

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