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Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein occlusion (DVT) could also be a significant condition that happens once a blood forms during a vein placed deep within your body. A blood could also be a clump of blood that’s turned to a solid state.Deep vein blood clots usually type in your thigh or lower leg, however they're going to conjointly develop in several areas of your body. different names associated with this condition might embrace occlusion, post-thrombotic syndrome, and postphlebitic syndrome.DVT could also be a significant medical condition. Tell your doctor quickly if you're thinking that you’re experiencing symptoms of DVT or move to the nighest ER. A health care supplier will inspect your symptoms. DVT is caused by a blood. The clot blocks a vein, preventing blood from properly current in your body. natural process might occur for several reasons. These include: • Injury. harm to a blood vessel’s wall will slender or block blood flow. A blood might type as a result. • Surgery. Blood vessels is broken throughout surgery, which can end in the event of a blood. Bed rest with little or no to no movement once surgery may additionally increase your risk for developing a blood. • Reduced quality or inactivity. once you sit often, blood will collect in your legs, particularly the lower elements. If you’re unable to maneuver for extended periods of some time , the blood flow in your legs will prevent. this might cause a clot to develop. • Certain medications. Some medications increase the possibilities your blood can A clot. DVT treatments specialize in keeping the clot from growing. additionally, treatment might facilitate forestall a embolism and lower your risk of getting additional clots.

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