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Applied Food Science Journal

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Formulation, structural, and stability investigations of pea and soy protein stabilized emulsions

Author(s): Jack Griffith*

Animal proteins have been replaced by plant proteins as a result of consumer concern over them over the past few decades. As the majority of those proteins have emulsifying qualities, the food industry has started using them extensively in diverse food matrices. In the current work, Soy and Pea Protein Isolates (PPI and SPI) were investigated as possible encapsulators of tocopherol and squalene in food emulsions. The pH alteration approach was especially used to create PPI and SPI particles. Then, emulsions were created using high-shear homogenization, and both microscopic and macroscopic observations were made. Moreover, the bicinchoninic acid protein test was used to assess the proteins adsorption.

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