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Applied Food Science Journal

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Biochemical link between biodiversity and Nutraceuticals: A case study of carica papaya & organoleptic assessment of the novel product developed

3rd International Conference on Food Science and Technology

November 11-12, 2019 | London, UK

Jyoti D Vora

Dhirang Consultants, India

Keynote: Appl Food Sci J

Abstract :

Human civilization for achieving progress has created a major catastrophe threatening the foundations of biodiversity. Elimination of biodiversity directly questions the survival of our species too in the long run. Thus the need of the hour is to preserve biodiversity, so that its valuable products, like the nutraceuticals are harnessed for the benefit of human life. The research study undertaken focuses on the biochemical link between biodiversity and nutraceuticals emphasizing on the sensorial acceptance of the novel product developed. Regarded as one of the ‘Healthiest fruit’ used for various health therapies and disease management conditions, ripe Papaya fruit is like a wonder. Novel product development is an emerging concept, making the food that we eat interesting and appealing. The idea of development of a novel recipe with the use of ripe papaya was to present this valuable fruit in an alluring form, which can be enjoyed by all. Ripe pulp or the fruit has been consumed since ages, in different forms in order to maintain optimum health conditions. The presented research endeavor exhibits a novel product developed with use of ripe papaya fruit. The aim of this research was to develop a gastronomical product, maintaining the nutritive margins and develop a novel recipe, which can be wholesome and nutritious. The sensory evaluation of this developed product was carried out by a trained panel and the observations were recorded and evaluated using self-administered questionnaires. The results displayed that the novel product was favored by the panelists and it can be beneficial for promoting the use of ripe papaya in an innovative form, promoting health in a disguised concept. The novel product can be further used as a nutraceutical, promoting optimum health and nutrition.

Biography :

Jyoti D Vora Vora is an Academician, Head of the department, Consultant, Trainer, Research Guide and Researcher in Biochemistry and Food Science and Quality Control and her qualifications are M.Sc, PhD, F.S.Sc., MASFFBC, CME (USA), NET Cleared, Nutritional consultant at Raleigh Medical Centre, North Carolina, Certified Functional Foods Scientist(FFC,USA).

E-mail: [email protected]

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