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Applied Food Science Journal

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Food & Nutritional Proteomics

3rd International Conference on Food Science and Technology

November 11-12, 2019 | London, UK

Sudha Bansode

Shankarrao Mohite College, India

ScientificTracks Abstracts: Appl Food Sci J

Abstract :

Food intake is essentially important for every life on earth to sustain the physical as well as mental functions .In a classical sense, the functions of foods are to replenish the molecules that construct our body as well as to be consumed as energy source for our everyday activity. From a modern point of view, however, foods can do more than these conventional functions;foods could actively be involved in the healthy maintenance of our body, through controlling molecular and cellular signaling pathways. Therefore,investigating the molecular and cellular pathways on which food intake influences will open a fruitful area in functional food studies. Thereare at least two ways how to investigate the changes in molecular and cellular pathways cause by diets,one by the genomics method and the other by the protomics. Genomics measures mRNAs, whereas protomics measures proteins. These two sets of parameters do not always correlate each other by many unknown reasons. Moreover,proteins,but not mRNAs, are the physical entities that function in cellular events. Therefore,it is essentially important to obtain protein information to evaluate the effect of functional foods on the alteration of cellular and molecular signaling. In this report we will introduce a potential subarea in functional food studies; studies of protein expression and its change by diets. We designate the new discipline “nutritional protomics”. In this report, we will use a class of essential fatty acids, omega-3 polyunsaturated and omega-6 PUFAs, as an example of nutritional protomics study.

Biography :

Sudha Bansode is a Associate Professor in Zoology at Shankarrao Mohite College, Akluj, Maharashtra State , India. Recently she has completed her Post Doctoral Studies at University of California, Riverside, USA. She is a active researcher & passionate teacher in India. Still she has been published above 25 research papers in International Journals & she is interested on Bone Research. Also she has honor of Distinguished Editorial Board Member of several International Journals. She is a own author of “Textbook Histological Techniques” & “Outlines of Physiology”. And now she is working on another own reference book “Rhythms in Freshwater Crustaceans”. She is a University recognized research guide for Ph.D. students in India. She was a invited Indian Speaker of “OXFORD SYMPOSIUM” on 27-29 August, 2014 at Balliol College, Oxford, United Kingdom & CELL SIGNALING & CANCER THERAPY – International Conference at Double Tree, Hilton Chicago on 27-28 September 2017. She was academic visitor of Bangkok- Thailand, Colombo-Sri Lanka, Daira-Dubai-UAE. Her recent intellectual Interaction is with many International Professional groups.

E-mail: drsudhabanasode@yahoo.com

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